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The illustrious CHET pass, brings you closer to the Hangryverse, with perks.



CHET early access pass

Pre-Mint Pass

Want in before mint? - Avaialble now (only 2222 available) 25 MATIC

We have a premint/Early access affordable pass that will double up as a mint discount pass for our pre-sale and general sale drop. The CHET gives you access to the private area of our Discord to follow along with daily developments. This pass also provides early game demo access for the side scroller Beatem up in develpoment. When it's time to MINT, CHET passes provide you with access to the mint DAPP before anyone else for you to redeem you Hangry Animals NFTs!! you lucky Hangry you!


The CHET is redeemable for a Hangry Animal NFT (during our Public Sale) on mint day.

It also grants the holder a unique skin for the 3D character that is a special armour piece - not available via main mint only CHET pass holders will get dropped the skin.

3D rigged posable asset post mint for usage inside and outside of our games with IP ownership for you the holder to use freely.

Custom dynamic trait illustrated by our founder artist @andrewminton which will be added to your NFT wallet as a special gift to early holders.

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Early Access? (Mint a CHET)

Hangry Animals Crate

The Crate: (SOLD OUT)

Early supporters pass

Our Crate passes are all sold out and have been swept up by a Hangry few in anticipation for the Mint and all things Hangry.


The ultimate Hangry Pass for holders with future airdrops of all mints

Physical print of comic as well as digital version when launched

Double the amount of Hangry Animals NFTs at mint

All CHET pass benefits as we give a CHET pass to all Crate holders

MERCH discounts

Token drop WL

$FOOD token allocation

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Hangry Animals Producer Pass

Hangry Animals Series Producer Pass (Coming Soon)

Bag yourself a Producer role on the Animated Series
(10 Available) 5 ETH


Named producer role on Animated Series

Voting rights on the direction of the series along with community

An allocaiton of Hangry Animals NFTs

All above perks of the CHET pass

IP rights for the Music/Mini EP

Name and Logo across all socials, promotional material and every episode title

Logos on Branded Merch

Allocation of HANGRY tokens at MINT Q2 2024

Producer Pass