It all started when
Aliens crash land on earth

How the story of Hangry Animals all began

Hangry Origins

Our humble beginnings

We start with a lonely probe exploring deep space. The probe made by STROM industries is on a mission to find the holy grail of resources. The ifinfite energy supply minerals on distant planets or asteroids worth over $100,000,0000,0000,0000,000. The mission to find this elusive resource is what fuels LEON STROM and his technolgy business STROM Industries back on earth. At this point in our adventure, the Hangry Animals are citizens of earth, humanoids and oblivious to their future fate.

Ambush from 11,111 million miles away

Several probes locate a distant galaxy and close in on a planet labelled TARB11110 but known to the local inhabitants as Xenovar and home to a ferocious species know as the Shillarki.

When the STROM industries mining corp rock up to the planet and start strip mining a precious crystal nicknamed TARBAL, the Shillarkis residents are naturally pissed and begin formulating an ambush with their primitive but mystical resources.

STROM and the crew realise the pending ambush and quickly shut up shop on the planet, wrap up their duties and begin the long haul back to earth with a handsome amount of TARBAL to begin development of renewable and sustainable energy units for our homes in the near future.

Whilst the STROM armada is in Hypersleep, the Shillarkis have been shadowing them all along in preparation for an attack.

Uh oh! S**t just got real

As the STROM armada comes out of hypersleep 200,000 km from Earths atmosphere, we see the formation of odd shaped rocks with glowing lights emerging from deep space. The Shillarkis have tracked STROMs ships through space all the way to Earth. This ain't gonna end well.

LEON, who is aboard the STROM Viper 2 mining ship leading the return to Earth is targetted by the Shillarkis attack vessels as it races towards earth. The engines are fired up and the rear shields enabled on the Viper 2, but alas, these ships are built for stability and carrying large hauls of cargo not for battle, so out manouvering any Shillarki Xavee fighters ain't gonna happen.

The Race to safety

Viper 2 is running full pelt for Earths atmosphere while LEON scrambles his own military might inside the EDFUF (Earth Defence Force United Forces), yep we made it awkward and hard to pronounce for a reason :P

With the Blackbird style hypersonic fighters deployed, the EDFUF are racing towards Earths upper atmosphere and into space to face the xavee fighters head on. But the mothership of the Shillarkis looms closer and closer to Earth contact with increasing danger.

Suddenly the Viper 2 is almost cut in half by a Shillarkis motherships ion canon and plunges through Earths upper atmosphere and heads towards the northern hemisphere of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

LEON scrambles to enable the remaining shields as the Viper 2 begins to burn up on re-entry. LEON is looking for a place to put the mining ship down in a safe place, but the area is densely populated and rapidly approaching. LEON realised that there is almost 4000 tons of untreated TARBAL crystals onboard and the payload is heading directly for a clearing inside a populated Zoo.

Bang, Boom, and the Haaangrys were booorn (sing it)

As the Viper 2 plummets to Earth, LEON and crew brace for impact. On the ground at the Zoo our soon to be Hangry heros are oblivious to the pending DNA metamorphosis that awaits them. The Viper 2 clips buildings, distorts railings, scatters debris far and wide as people and animals at the Zoo look on in complete disbelief as the leviathon of organic metal skimming overhead inches closer and closer to impact.

Rumbles are heard as the mass of molten metal scrapes by our petrified onlookers. Boom, we've hit ground and the quakes of earth cascade outwards away from the centre of impact.

Our heroes Otis, Zebrina, Bryland, Susannah and Marvin all encounter their animal/human altered states in unison as the blast crater and impact pulse swooshes over them in mid flight. Each person is lifted into the air and thrown meters across the Zoo enclosures. As our soon to be heroes lay in a pile of rubble glistening in green glowing dust, their DNA begins to shudder and phase in and out of exisitence. At the same time, the TARBAL crystals have reached the Zoo residents and begins a merge to the closest human within 10 meters. Our Hangrys are hit with a pulsing resonance of glowing green dust and inherit traits, features and appearance of the animals closest to them.

Then silence.....

The adventure begins

Hangry Animals is a story revolving around the formation, struggles and unity of the underdogs in society. Our heroes have new found abilities but they don't know it yet. Join us on this adventure through Comics, Games and an Animated Series being developed in web2 and web3 with our Community.


The adventure starts in our comics, continues in our RPG game and will be visualised through our animated series in early development. Grab yourself a CHET pass over on Opensea and join the community adventure, earn $FOOD tokens for storyline ideas, earn producer credits and rewards for community participation. Social Proof & Earn in the Hangryverse.