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Battle the Shillarkis and Metavertz Aliens

Play and earn $TARBAL tokens to power your Hangry Animal, compete for your place in the animated series and comic stories.

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Don't mess with Susanna! Short fuse, explosive energy and a hunger for aliens!

Susanna was a zoo keeper who loved all animals. Since the tarball event, Susanna has been fighting those internal demons and battling the notion that being a Hangry comes with a greater responsibility for the other animals of earth!


Let's Get

Otis is the hiphopapotamus of the crew!

A New York rapper turned Hangry during the tragic event at the zoo. Otis is chief muscle around here and warrants respect for his go-getter attitude. Inspired by Hannibal from the A-Team, Otis sees himself as the leader, but we all know Zebrina is the real alpha here, Otis just won’t admit it.


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Maaaarv! The most chilled Hangry in existence.

The silent assassin who turns up late to the party but finishes strong! Marv has a huge appetite so you’ll always find him chomping on something.


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One hell of a Hangry Bear! A gentle giant.

Protector of the group, always hungry and always looking out for the crew. Brylands previous life as a dad of 4 puts him in good stead for the chaotic life as a Hangry!


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Kick ass, kick boxing, never sits still Zebra with attitude.

Zebrina plays the roll of back seat Alpha with heart for the Hangry crew. Ex military human merged with Zebrina at the Zoo during the event that brought us these hybrid species!


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  • Interactive Comics
  • Play and Earn Games
  • Awesome Digital Collectibles
  • Metaverse ready 3D Avatars
  • PFP Duelling Games with Rewards
  • Frikin Sick Artwork (:P)

Hangry Animals is a collection of 11,111 generative art pieces that represent characters of our up and coming (HangryVerse) metaverse movie experience . There are more then 5 species to collect and any number of combinations to add to your collection of animals. There will be hidden among the total collection a series of Ultra, Super, Rare, Collectors and General species for you to enjoy and own.

Holding more than 5 Hangry Animals NFTs brings special utility to holders. See if you can collect them all as we introduce community voted characters to join our heros on their adventures! READ MORE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS TO FOLLOW THEIR STORY.

What is Hangry Animals all about?

Hangry Animals is an experience centered around gamified storytelling of digital collectibles. Utilising technologies such as Augmented Reality, interactive comics & games as well an animated series. We are incentivising holders of our digital collectibles and tokens to find and earn hidden digital and physical rewards across our ecosystem.

Hangry Animals explores the battle between humans and the first species to inhabit Earth, The Shillarkis. In the series, humans are deemed expendable and a mass panic ensues. It is up to the DNA-morphed Hangry Animals, who are recently affected animal/human hybrids dealing with their own metamorphosis, to defend Earth and rally all life on earth to save our existence.

This project showcases the underdog story and the hope for change in the face of adversity. The world we're building is light hearted comedy sci-fi with a serious educational undertone to care for our planet and all life who inhabit our beautiful blue orb.

Sample cover for Hangry Animals Comic #1Sample cover for Hangry Animals Comic #2Sample cover for Hangry Animals Comic #3
CHET early access pass

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Want in before mint? - Avaialble now (only 1000 available)

We have a premint/Early access affordable pass that will double up as a mint discount pass for our pre-sale and general sale drop. The CHET gives you access to the private area of our Discord to follow along with daily developments. This pass also provides early game demo access for the side scroller Beatem up in develpoment. When it's time to MINT, CHET passes provide you with access to the mint DAPP before anyone else for you to redeem you Hangry Animals NFTs!! you lucky Hangry you!


The CHET is redeemable for a Hangry Animal NFT (during our pre-sale) on mint day.

It also grants the holder a unique skin for the 3D character that is a special armour piece - not available via main mint only CHET pass holders will get dropped the skin.

3D rigged posable asset post mint for usage inside and outside of our games with IP ownership for you the holder to use freely.

Custom dynamic trait illustrated by our founder artist @andrewminton which will be added to your NFT wallet as a special gift to early holders.

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Product Roadmap

Our devs and creators get very hangry if they're not working on something. To keep them at bay, we have decided to create a lot of great features that we are working on to keep us Hangry for more. These features will only be released to the public when they are perfected, but they will follow the timeline set in the roadmap! More features will be added as we evolve the ecosystem and functionality we are providing to investors.

Phase 1Development

Phase 2Ignite

Phase 3Launch

Meet Team Hangry


Creative Vision & Technical Innovation behind Hangry Animals. Andy is a founding member and chief creative for the project.


Conburn is a 20 year veteran developer and high frequency trading expert. Has spent much of his career on wall street. OG of Crypto and Marketing dark arts.


Partnership and Community Manager, 5 years in crypto communities and outreach. The Meme King keepinig the fun flowing.


Terry is an independant script writer and director exaordinaire. With two films and a plethora of media content published, he is the main man behind the Hangry lore.

Susan Oh

CMO at Hangry towers, Susan Oh has a wealth of knowledge and connections in Crypto and DeFi space. A well respected voice within business world of Crypto.


The Brand man! Gwilym is our branding and layout guru! If a pixel moves, he's on it.